Toyota Prius Z6
Toyota Prius Z6


Toyota Prius Z6 Price

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Not Available
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Not Available
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Grey, Silver, White
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Rolls Royce Wra..
3.00 yrs
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1.8.2 Warranty Distance
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100,000.00 kms
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1.9 Body Kit
2% Toyota Cars in India have it !

Toyota Prius Z6 Cost

Looking to buy a new car? Worried how much you need to shell out for your dream car? Don't worry, Toyota Prius Z6 price will tell you if it fits your budget or you have to arrange just a little bit more. Toyota Prius Z6 price is Not Available. Toyota Prius Z6 cost is usually of the prime concern while choosing a car as we want top notch facilities in a car and also expect the car to be reasonably priced. Apart from this model you may also be interested in knowing the prices of other Toyota Cars in India cars. Usually Sedans tend to be more expensive than Hatchbacks. Other forms such as Convertibles tend to burn a hole in your pocket. Everybody has its own preference when it comes to style of the car. Body style of Toyota Prius Z6 is Hybrid.

Toyota Prius Z6 Colours

Colours of car play a major role in selection of cars. Nowadays there are a lot of colours to choose from depending on your taste. Check out if Toyota Prius Z6 colours are in sync with your desires or not. Choosing a car colour is a deeply personal aspect and it shows who you are. Exterior colours of Toyota Prius Z6 are Grey, Silver, White. As we spend most of the time inside the car, Toyota Prius Z6 Interior colours should be pleasant to look at. Now we have option to choose from a range of exciting colours for interior of the car. Interior colours of Toyota Prius Z6 are Not Available. Some manufacturers also allow you to customize the interior and exterior colors but it will shoot up the Toyota Prius Z6 price.

Toyota Prius Z6 Release Date

Excited to know when your favorite car was launched? Nowadays car manufacturers are launching cars more frequently to the delight of customers. Toyota Prius Z6 release date is 01/07/2010. A lot of people want to upgrade their car to a better model. A lot of exciting models of sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and convertibles are launched every year.

Toyota Prius Z6 Details

Toyota Prius Z6 details gives you a better look at the various important parameters of the car. Many people prefer cars from a specific manufacturer. The manufacturer of Toyota Prius Z6 is Toyota. The country where this car was manufactured is India. It is not necessary that the car is assembled at the same place where it is manufactured. It is assembled at India. Warranty distance of Toyota Prius Z6 is 100,000.00 kms while its warranty time is 3.00 yrs.

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