BMW i8
BMW i8


BMW i8 Mileage

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1 Mileage
1.1 Mileage - City
Mahindra e2o T2..
37.00 kmpl
Rank: 2 (Overall)
Ferrari FF Mileage
1.2 Mileage - Highway
Mahindra e2o T2..
47.45 kmpl
Rank: 3 (Overall)
Ferrari FF Mileage
1.3 Fuel
1.3.1 Fuel Type
1.3.2 Fuel Supply System
Multi-Point Fuel Injection
1.3.3 Fuel Gauge
All BMW Cars in India have it !
1.3.4 Alternate Fuel
1.4 Fuel Tank Capacity
Conquest Evade ..
42.00 lit
Rank: 57 (Overall)
Maruti Alto 800 CNG LXI Mileage
1.5 Emission Control System
Not Available
1.6 Emission Norm Compliance
Euro VI

Mileage of BMW i8

Fed up of going to petrol pump every now and then? Having a tough time with the skyrocketing prices of fuel? Then its high time to consider mileage of BMW i8. Mileage indicates the distance that a vehicle can travel with a specific amount of fuel. More the fuel efficiency longer the distance it will run. The frequent application of brakes in city while driving has resulted in reduction in mileage in city than on highway. The BMW i8 mileage in city is 37.00 kmpl whereas on highway its . If your car is fuel efficient then it will cause less air pollution and decreasing the pressure on depleting fossil fuels to some extent. If speed drives you crazy then mileage may disappoint you. There is always a trade off between BMW i8 mileage and performance but with the ever increasing technology this is changing rapidly. BMW i8 Dimensions also have an effect on mileage. Heavier the vehicle more fuel will be required to attain high speeds. So will mileage be in your priority list?

BMW i8 Fuel Consumption

BMW i8 mileage conveys a lot about the fuel efficiency of the car. BMW i8 fuel tank capacity is 42.00 lit. Efficient BMW i8 fuel consumption, more fuel tank capacity, means less visits to refill stations. BMW i8 fuel type is Petrol. Fuel Gauge is an important instrument which helps in keeping track of fuel. The alternate fuel for BMW i8 is Electric. The core function of fuel supply system is to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted supply of fuel to other peripherals of BMW i8 Engine.The fuel supply system used in BMW i8 is Multi-Point Fuel Injection.

BMW i8 Emissions

Does BMW i8 mileage has any effect on emissions? Fuel efficient cars guarantees a good mileage but does it hold true in case of emissions? BMW i8 emissions are of major concern in the scenario of increasing air pollution. Emission Control Systems are employed to limit the discharge of noxious gases from the internal-combustion engine and other components. The information regarding BMW i8 emission control is not available. The Emission Norm Compliance are emission standards instituted by the Government of India to regulate the output of air pollutants from internal combustion engine equipment, including motor vehicles. The Emission norm compliance for BMW i8 is Euro VI.

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